Video Filming

Get expert videographer Shawn Watson to film your next big event or commercial today!

Shawn has extensive experience in many different types of filming including:

  • TV Commercials
  • YouTube Videos
  • Event Films
  • Wedding Videos
  • Employment Videos

He also has experience in many other types of video filming as well!

His approach toward creating a film is very strait-forward: understand the purpose of each video, and then try to film a video that executes that purpose.

First, he’ll identify all goals the video aims to complete.

Then he’ll hold numerous brainstorming sessions. Out of these sessions comes your video production plan – a short digital file that identifies key goals and ideas on how to achieve them.

Then he’ll prepare to shoot the video. We identify which locations to shoot, organize people and equipment if necessary, and develop a filming schedule that outlines each day of filming.

After he completely fulfill the goals of filming the video, he will dive into the editing process. He organizes the media, searchs for music, begins the development of motion graphics, and incorporates voice-over (if necessary) for the rough draft.

Finally, he shows you our rough draft to make sure he is on track, and then finalizes the video with a final draft, burning your video to a DVD disk and mailing it to you immediately.

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